Monday, October 17th (Music Monday!)

Hey Pub Theologians,

We are back at it again this week, talking theology, life, spirituality, faith, et cetera, at Life’s Too Short Brewing Company from 5:30-7:00 p.m. on Monday.

It’s time again for Music Monday, and since Bob Dylan just won the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature (see also Rolling Stone’s take), we will be listening to and reading his 1965 song “Maggie’s Farm”. It marks a few turning points for him as an artist, one of which is his switch to electric guitar (known as the “Electric Dylan Controversy”).

I found a video recording of a live performance of this song from what appears to be 1965. Give it a watch/listen and come to the Pub Theology table ready to reflect:

See you there.

Monday, August 29th

Hi all,

This week, we are gathering again at LTS Brewing Co., for a Death Café facilitated by Rev. Audrey Lukasak. As we continue to work though topics as a group, I have noted that it has been important for us to create space to speak of death and dying, especially in the Rochester medical community that is often centered around healing and hope.

For a bit of info as to what this Death Café entails, check out this article from Minnesota Coaltion for Death Education and Support and this article from the Star Tribune. Other than that, there’s no preparation needed.

See you at LTS, 5:30-7.