Monday, August 21st

Hello, dear Pub Theologians,

Come join this week’s discussion at LTS Brewing co from 5:30-7. We’ll be in the tent if the weather permits.

To prepare for out time together, please read the following two items if you’re able to:

  1. This week’s Gospel text (Matthew 15:10-8, and
  2. The Reverend Kwame Pitts’s sermon from Sunday, August 20th (

Her sermon is presented in a poetic-type structure, but stick with it until the end. It’s well worth it. I look forward to hearing your reflections.

See you at the pub!

Monday, August 14th (Music Monday)

Hello, beloved Pub Theologians,

Are you ready for Music Monday?! We are back at the public theologizing this week, so come and join the discussion at Life’s Too Short Brewing Co. in NW Rochester from 5:30-7pm. All are welcome.

This week’s topic comes to us via two interesting voices: the Gospel according to Saint Matthew’s Community of the First Century and Thom Yorke of 20th/21st Century British Radiohead fame.

So, in preparation for our discussion:

  1. Read through this week’s Gospel text, Matthew 14:22-33 (the story known as “Jesus Walking on the Sea”, although, I would posit, such a title only distracts from the point this story is making).
  2. Then, listen to and read the lyrics from Thom Yorke’s song “Atoms for Peace” from his 2006 debut album The Eraser.

See if you can see what’s emerging as these two sources interact, and we’ll plan to see you at the pub.


Direct Links:

Monday, July 31st

Pub Theologians,

We will be gathering again this week for another round of discussion at LTS Brewing Co., from 5:30-7 on Monday.

This week's topic draws us into the tension of being both deeply connected to our earth here and now, while simultaneously being a blip on the cosmic radar in the ongoing saga of billion-year epochs.

Amy Plantinga Plau, a professor at Louisville Seminary (Presbyterian Church USA), recently shared some of her thoughts from an upcoming book at Check it out (and give it a few extra minutes, as it's a longer-than-usual read):

See you at the pub.

Monday, July 24th

Hey crew,

We are heading back to LTS Brewing Co this week for another round of Pub Theology. Come around 5:30 to catch up, and we’ll start our topical discussion around 6. If the weather is nice, we will try to be out in the tent. 

This week’s topic weaves together some threads we’ve talked about in sessions past: protest/activism, dogma, and religious purity, among others. 

If you’re able to do so, please read two things ahead of time:

  1. Today’s Gospel text, Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43 –
  2. Frances Lee’s recent article, “Excommunicate Me From the Church of Social Justice” –

See you at the pub!

Monday, July 17th

Public Theologians!

We are BACK this week, and will be gathering at Mount Olive ( for a video showing of Fr. Richard Rohr’s recent webcast, “The Universal Christ: An Archetype for Everything” (

Thanks to Jim and Peg for setting this up for us.

See you in the “Old Library” from 5:30-7. We will likely get started pretty close to 5:30 so that we have some time for discussion before parting ways around 7.

See you at the Church.

Monday, June 26th

Hey crew,

We are back at it this Monday at LTS! This week’s topic continues some of our prior dialogue around what it means to live as community together. 

If you’re able to, watch this short video from poet/singer-songwriter/Anglican priest/academic Malcolm Guite & The Work of the People called “Covenanted Discomfort”:, and come ready to reflect, listen, and share. 

See you at the pub, 5:30-7.

Pr Paul