Monday October 21st

Hey Monday Nighters,

Per our now somewhat-established routine, we will gather on Monday evening at 5:30 for catching up and 6:00 for continued Pastrix discussion, all at the Tap House on 3rd, downtown Rochester.

Please read pages 54-58 of Pastrix before tomorrow if you can (download the pages here)

Questions to wrestle with between now and then:

  1. Have you ever felt like you had to leave part of yourself outside of the church? (page 54)
  2. What drew you to the faith communities you have been most involved in? (page 54)
  3. In what ways has the church failed your expectations? Have you witness grace amidst that? (pages 54-55)
  4. Has God’s “Good News” offended you? How so? (page 56)
  5. What do you think of Nadia’s take on the “Parable of the Landowner” (Matthew 20:1-16)?
  6. What has God drawn your attention to lately?

Also, a few of us decided last week to find our favorite quote from the book and share about why it’s important to us. If you’re up for it, come prepared with an excerpt to share.

See you tomorrow,

Pastor Paul


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