Monday November 11

Public theologians,

We meet again on Monday at the Tap House in Rochester (Historic 3rd St) to converse and share space. We will gather at 5:30pm, and begin with a discussion around 6.

This will be our last week with Pastrix and her story. Here are a few ideas for our time together, from pages 11-13 and 69-77:

1. Nadia found her childhood congregation’s theological concepts to be unhelpful, especially the idea regarding the “age of accountability”. What practices or ideas do we participate in or advocate for in community (family, church, employment) that are less than helpful? (Page 12)

2. What are your thoughts about authority figures in faith communities? (Page 13)

3. We oftentimes maintain relationships or habits in order to meet personal needs, which are sometimes necessary but other times can be destructive. Trying to “be good” doesn’t always transform us the way we hope it would. Have you noticed examples of this in your life or in others’ lives? (Page 72)

4. What does “coming to church” mean to you? (Page 75)

5. Where is it hardest to tell the truth? (Page 76)

Scanned pages available here:



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