Monday, January 13

Welcome back!

Does it make sense to be a pro-life atheist?

This is the question we delve into this week.

Blogger and young atheist voice, Hemant Mehta, brings to the forefront the small minority of non-religious people claiming to be pro-life. Does this surprise you? I bet that there are many preconceived notions we have about atheists and the politics around these hot-button issues. That being the case, please proceed with civility and openness.

To get the conversation started, watch this seven-minute video from Hemant’s blog, Friendly Atheist:


1) Does it surprise you that some atheists and/or non-religious people are pro-choice?
2) What are some of the assumptions we might carry about atheists? Or about people who are pro-choice? Or about people who are pro-life? (Please be respectful on all sides of this)
3) What do you think of the “common reasoning” of this minority, that all living things are connected, and life is valuable, so, why willingly disrupt the pregnancy process?
4) Do you think atheists have a harder time finding employment because of the views they hold?
5) Going forward, how might we better understand one another’s views, especially when such views are held by very small minorities?

See you at the Tap House, downtown, Monday the 14th, after work, 5:30-7.



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