Monday, February 24th

Come join us again this week, Monday February 24th at the Tap House in downtown Rochester. We will gather at 5:30pm upstairs.

This week’s discussion is about mystery, religion, and truth. Before gathering, read Tim Brown‘s recent blog post over at Reluctant Xian entitled What We Lose When We Exorcise Mystery from Religion

Here are a few questions to get the topic rolling:

  1. What rites or rituals help you to “breathe deeply” with the past and present? Do they connect you to God? Do they connect you to truth?
  2. What do you think about the blessing of inanimate objects (in Tim’s case, candles)?
  3. Do you find it important to connect with mystery greater than yourself? How so? How is that process a gift (or not)?
  4. How do you balance rational thought and engaging in things you don’t totally understand?

Happy theologizing. See you all soon.



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