Monday, March 24th

Hi all,

Come and join us again this week, Monday March 24th, 5:30pm, at the Tap House.

This week we delve back into the life of Jesus, particularly his social habits, and what those behaviors means for us. Oftentimes, we refer to Jesus as “Friend of Sinners” or say that “Jesus hung out with all the wrong people.” Jonathan Merritt, a columnist at Religion News Service (, recently approached this topic from an interesting angle. He recognizes that some people say that Jesus only spent time with people who were intending to be his followers. All those drunks, thieves, gluttons, and the like were all on the path to discipleship. Merritt debunks that, and his observations lend themselves (I think!) to a good dialogue.

You can find the article at

Here are some questions to get things rolling:

  1. How would you describe Jesus’ social habits, as you remember them from Scripture? Do you remember specific stories or people?
  2. Did Jesus only welcome people who were looking for forgiveness?
  3. What kind of conditional friendships might we have today?
  4. Do you think we must “live as Jesus lived”? Why or why not?
  5. Do you ever see people as a “project” instead of a “person”?
  6. How might we better honor the people we call friends?







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