Monday, March 31st

(We are gathering again this week. Randi Beyerl is leading the discussion. See you Monday, at the Tap House, 5:30-7:00pm.  -Paul)


Greetings Public Theology goers,

This week I (Randi) will be leading our Monday night gathering at the Tap House. Our discussion will center on death/loss and how we cope. Below are a couple of articles I found interesting, but feel free to bring your own experience or reading materials to the discussion table. I have listed some reflection questions below as well. See you Monday!


Articles and Questions:

This is an article based on a radio conversation on Minnesota Public Radio. The audio of the conversation is 36 minutes, but there is a 4-minute video synopsis at the bottom of the page:

This next article is from the Huffington Post. Dr. Karen Wyatt wrote it. Here is some information about her and the link to her article:

Karen M. Wyatt, MD is a family physician who has spent much of her 25 year career as a hospice medical director, caring for dying patients in their homes. The author of “What Really Matters: 7 Lessons for Living from the Stories of the Dying,” Dr. Wyatt has lectured and written extensively on end-of-life issues with an emphasis on the spiritual aspect of illness and dying.

As you reflect on this topic and the articles, consider these questions:

  1. How have you experienced loss or death in your life?
  2. How did your faith impact that experience?
  3. How did that experience impact your faith?
  4. What Bible verses, spiritual practices, or coping mechanisms do you turn to?
  5. Do you think our world struggles with loss and grief? Why or why not?
  6. Reflect on Jesus’ encounters with loss and death (during his life and his own death). What can we learn from Him?




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