Monday, April 7th

Hello again, Public Theologians,

This week’s topic comes to us via Seth Haines ( ), a self-described “working stiff” who writes about faith, culture, and other pieces of contemporary life. He recently penned an article on his blog, entitled “On the Violences of Christian Taking” ( ), in which he entertains a vision of mutual community and belonging in an era that equates faithfulness with a “take the world” “high achieving” drive to “do more”. Read through the article beforehand, if you can. Here are a few questions to mull over:

  1. Would you describe your style more as “take-the-world” or “take-what-comes”? Are those binary distinctions, or do they exist on a spectrum?
  2. Have you ever taken part of a retreat like Seth describes in Part IV? 
  3. What does “a community of restful belonging” look like in your life?
  4. Respond to Part V – Is this the way of belonging?

Come join us at the Tap House on Monday night (5:30-7:00) as we receive some daily bread from one another.





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