Monday, April 14th

Alright, Public Theologians.

It is Holy Week, and that means that quite a bit happens between now and this coming Sunday. But before we walk that road, we will gather again on Monday at the Tap House for another round of discussion. Thank you to all of you who stayed late last week with the good dialogue we had!

To parallel the gravitas of this week, we have a few deep thoughts brought to us from an Australian theologian, Michael Morwood ( 

Michael Morwood has posted a “Holy Week Reflection” on his website, which can be found at Give it a read before we meet. Spoiler alert: some of it is a bit dense. And the very basic webpage formatting doesn’t help. Stick through it, though. Re-read parts if you have to. I think it presents some interesting challenges to some of our common assumptions about Jesus, the scriptures, and where God is amidst life’s pain.

I’ll begin the conversation with your general responses to his article, as usual, and then we can use these questions, below, to guide us further:

  1. Has your concept of “salvation” changed throughout your life? How so?
  2. What is Christianity all about, in your view? What is Holy Week all about? 
  3. Do the rituals you have experienced in Christian communities help you to live in the mysterious truth of Holy Week and Easter, or not?
  4. Have you experienced some parts of the Gospel story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, to be “more true” than others?
  5. Michael says that “Revelation is the spirit of God working in all peoples of all times, in their world view, in their thought patterns and in particular personalities.” What do you think of that?
  6. What do you think is Jesus’ dream for this world?

See you Monday, 5:30pm. 


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