Monday, June 2nd

Public Theologians,

Summer is here! I hope you all are doing well and had a meaningful holiday last Monday. 

We are back this week, Monday June 2nd, at the Tap House, downtown. We will begin at 5:30. This week’s topic is inspired by a songwriter (John Lennon), a comic writer/illustrator (Pablo Stanley [note: “colorful” language here and there]), and an ancient Biblical text (John 17:1-11, which is the Lectionary text for Christians across the world this weekend).

Head over to Pablo’s site and read this comic from September 2013 while listening to the 1971 hit song Imagine by John Lennon. Then read the verses from John, and contemplate the following questions to guide our discussion as we gather:

  1. Does the comic illuminate the song in any new ways for you?
  2. Are there some unexpected inclusions in Pablo Stanley’s comic?
  3. Do you agree with Pablo Stanley’s “Disclaimer” below his comic?
  4. How does the vision Lennon puts forth jibe (or not jibe) with the prayer of Jesus, most notably verse 11? 
  5. How does this art change you? us? the world?

See you there.


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