Monday, June 16th

Public theologians!

Come gather with us this week and reflect on a fascinating micro-church in New York. Take a glance at Reverend Emily M. D. Scott’s post that delves into this unique faith community, and come at 5:30 to the Tap House with these questions in mind:

What are your initial impressions about this article?

In a space without an organ, stained glass windows, or pews, the congregation says that quietness, beautiful things made by hand, natural materials, and way the light comes in all contribute to the sacredness of the space. Do you have similarly holy things or values in your life outside of traditional sanctuaries?

The table scheme seems to encourage the removing of the usual barriers between people (status, wealth, etc). Do the communion tables you join around serve the same function? Why or why not? Do we have room to grow?

I won’t be with you this week, but have an excellent discussion in my absence. See you next week!


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