Monday, July 14th

Hi all,

We are back at it this week at the Tap House with another round of Public Theology. Come join the group beginning at 5:30!

This week’s topic encompasses life, death, blessings, and God’s Kingdom (or “The Kingdom of Heaven”, as the Gospel writer Matthew puts it).

Read this short funeral sermon from Pastor Timothy Brown, and reflect on the questions below: Blessed Are the Restorers of Model A’s

1. Pastor Tim begins the sermon with an interesting note about the scripture reading for the service: This is one of those rare Biblical texts that can be read at either a wedding or a funeral. Which actually makes a lot of sense… What do you think about that? Could you see this passage proclaimed in both of those ceremonies?

2. Blessings in The Kingdom of Heaven/God seem to be for the least-expected people. It seems that Tim identified some least-expected moments of blessing in Harold Schoemaker’s life. Did those remind you of any unexpected moments of God’s presence or grace or “blessing” in your own life?

3. What do you think about the image of heaven as the eternal wedding feast of the savior?

See you there.

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