Monday, July 21st

Hi all,

We are gathering again this Monday, July 21st, at the Tap House. If the weather is decent, let’s try to grab a spot on the patio.

This week, I found an interesting post over at the OnFaith site. The author, Lacy Cooke, writes in broad terms about spirituality and the need for tangible pieces of faith that we can embrace. Give it a read before coming over to Pub Theology and see if the questions below are helpful in stirring up some dialogue:

Lacy Cooke: Huge, Colorful, Tangible Objects of Devotion

1. What local cultural events do we participate in that represent important parts of our faith and/or religious heritage?
2. Lacy writes that “divinity is intangible”. In what ways would you say God is intangible?
3. Do we get caught up in “physical trappings”? What might a balanced approach look like?
4. So, why do we need objects of devotion?

direct link:


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