Monday, August 4th

Well, we are back at it this week over at the Tap House. Come on by after work at the usual time: 5:30-7, and read through this short article beforehand if you can:

The Feeding of the 5000 Re-imagined.

In it, Pastor Travis Meier takes an interesting approach to the Gospel text that was read in many congregations on Sunday, August 3rd. Firstly, he expands the language in the story, incorporating current imagery from the news. Then, he ponders what kind of a reaction and/or response this reinterpretation demands from us, if any.

Here are a few questions to inspire our Monday dialogue:

1. Is Pastor Travis’ expanded interpretation helpful? Why or why not?
2. What gut-wrenching moments have you experienced lately? What was your reaction or response?
3. Can fear and anger coexist with compassion?
4. What does a “way of life” look like to you?


direct link:


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