Monday, August 11th

Another week, another Public Theology gathering at the Tap House!

This week, we revisit an age-old debate of orthodoxy and unorthodoxy, or, being labeled “in or out” when it comes to theology and Christian practice.

Recently, a musician named Michael Gungor with a group known as The Liturgists made some waves with creative lyrics and guided meditations on an album they released this past spring.

Some people of faith saw this as threatening to traditional Christian doctrine, and it quickly snowballed via social media.

Mike McHargue, a friend of Gungor and participant in The Liturgists’ project, openly replied in Gungor’s defense on his blog. Give it a read over at

It sounds like Gungor and the rest of The Liturgists, among others, have helped Mike McHargue understand humanity and spirituality more deeply.

Here are a few questions to get our discussion rolling:

1. Are there people who have influenced your perspectives or life and faith who might be labeled by some people as “unorthodox”?
2. Where is hope found in the midst of dissension?
3. Mike McHargue names a group of Christians, the Evangelical Reformed, who often name others as unorthodox, as themselves being rooted in unorthodoxy. How does Mike’s perspective challenge the concept of orthodoxy/unorthodoxy as viewed through a global lens?

See you at 5:30pm on Monday.


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