A New Year: Monday, September 8th

Hello, Public Theologians,

We are now into a new academic year, but we are still meeting! Same time and place, 5:30pm-7pm at the Tap House, downtown. For a portion of the Fall season, we will be using a book to inspire some “pub dialogue”: Never Pray Again by Clark, Hagler, and Larson. We will only be using portions of the book, but it will be helpful to have a copy if you can find one. To order it online, follow this link: www.chalicepress.com/Never-Pray-Again-P1354.aspx

I’ll bring along a few copies this week. They’re yours for $15.

Here is a short intro to the book:
“Lift your chin, open your eyes, unfold your hands and get to work”. The authors, writers of the popular “Two Friars and a Fool” blog, find the purpose of prayers not in the praying but in the doing–to Praise! Confess! Heal! Intercede! Never Pray Again follows a traditional liturgical structure, drawing upon major forms of prayer and presenting each as a practice rather than merely a prayer.

For this coming Monday, read these pages from Never Pray Again and we’ll begin to think about the authors’ premise and how it connects to our lives.

A few questions to get us going:

1. In the first chapter, Awaken, the author draws a parallel between sleepwalking zombies and Christian discipleship. Have you ever felt that life as a Christian is like sleepwalking or that you are half-dead like a zombie?
2. The authors talk a lot about ritual, religion, and lifeless tradition. Are there rituals and pieces of religion and tradition that are life-giving? How so (or not)?
3. What do you think of the “Experiments in Awakening” at the end of the Awaken chapter?

See you on Monday


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