Monday October 6th

Hi all,

Come join us again this week at the Tap House, Monday at 5:30.
This week, read the chapter in Never Pray Again called “Expel!”, and come with some questions and comments as you read. Make sure to read the footnotes, this week, too. There are some good extra nuggets of information there. If you need to view the book pages, you can download them here:…
Here are a few questions to get us started:
  1. Are the examples the authors give helpful for understanding oppression/possession? 
  2. Are you involved in “expelling” in any ways similar to those named towards the end of the chapter?
  3. Have you previously heard of the “Gehenna Trash Pile” outside of ancient Jerusalem? What do you think of that?
  4. The paragraphs about addiction in our culture and being “total junkies” are evocative. How can we respond to such deeply entrenched behaviors we see in ourselves and those around us?

One comment

  1. I am unable to be at the Tap House tonight so I thought that I would leave a thought or two here.
    I was uncomfortable with some of the discussion of demons in the early part of the chapter. I agree that there are plenty of references to demons in the Gospels, but I still can’t wrap my head around possession today. The pastor’s reference to a exorcism that he did in college seemed almost comical. I do get the idea that an obsessions can possess us and cause behaviors that need to be changed. I think that it comes down to the idea of control or being controlled. The idea of an addiction is much different than possession, I think.
    I do like the ideas for the week very much. I have been working on eliminating processed sugar from my diet so that is one that I will keep working on. Fruit tastes wonderfully sweet when you haven’t been eating candy or cookies.
    I also like the de-cluttering idea. Things that we are not using may be valuable to others. If we give them away it may lighten our load and help us to see more clearly what we should be doing next.
    See you all next week.
    Anne Marie

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