Monday, January 26th

Hi all,

We are back at it again this week for Pub Theology. Join us at the Tap House on Monday at 5:30.

There is an American singer-songwriter by the name of Samuel Beam, better known by his stage name Iron and Wine. His 2007 album, The Shepherd’s Dog, has a song called “Innocent Bones”. Give a listen on YouTube ( and give the lyrics ( some time to sink in. FYI: the song has an f-word and some references to drugs, so proceed accordingly. Listen to it a few times if you can, and then read Genesis 4:1-15 (the story of Cain and Abel) to help frame Beam’s lyrics.

Here are a few questions to get things rolling:

  1. What do you make of the apparent juxtaposition of a kind of lighthearted, simple naiveté (verse 1) to deeper understanding of life’s violence and the complexity of human relationships (verses 2, 3)?
  2. What other juxtapositions does Beam make in the song? Are there universal human realities to which he testifies?
  3. Have you ever found yourself identifying more as a Cain character? Or as an Abel character? What realities do those character archetypes represent?
  4. Do you think Beam uses this Biblical parallel to effectively get his point across? What is his point?
  5. Who are these “innocent bones?”

See you there.


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