Monday, February 16th

Hi all,

This post is late in coming this week, but I think it’ll be a good discussion tonight.

Join us at the Tap House, downtown, at 5:30. Tonight’s topic is as follows:

Curtis Farr, an Episcopal Priest from West Hartford, Connecticut, wrote a recent post on faithstreet’s onfaith blog entitled, “Why the Secular Age Is Good for the Church”. Despite his use of the term “nones” to describe people with no religious identification, (I’m not a huge fan of that term… perhaps that will be a trending topic tonight!), he brings some interesting ideas to the table.

Read his article here and come with some questions, thoughts, and ideas.

Here are a few questions from me (disregard them if they are unhelpful!):

  1. Reflect on Curtis’ thought: “I suspect that many churches are actually contributing to their own decline by attempting to remain relevant to the culture of rampant individualism and materialism.” Are we guilty as charged?
  2. How are we tempted to define Church as “the building and what we have” instead of “the people and what we do”?
  3. In what ways can we helpfully focus our attention away from individual selves (and the “Personal faith” baggage of the Second Great Awakening period along with quite heavy-handed Pietist inclinations) and move towards an ethic of community life?
  4. Get imaginative: What might the next chapter of Christian life look like?

See you there.


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