Monday, March 9th (NEW LOCATION!)

Hi all,

This week, let’s meet a few doors down from the Tap House at The Half Barrel (formerly Bilotti’s). Around past the bar is a back seating area where we will gather. 

As for a topic, let’s talk about the “Psalms of Ascent”. Psalms 120-134 were historically sung as people travelled “Up” to Jerusalem (since Jerusalem was built on a hill) for the Jewish Holy Days throughout each year. We will begin by reading Psalm 120: and talk through what the poet is describing. 

If you have time, also listen to Pastor Andrew Arndt’s 2013 sermon from the Denver-based Bloom, a community of house churches. You can find it at It gives some great context of how this psalm intertwines with life today.

Here are some questions to get things rolling:

  1. What life experiences might this Psalm be describing?
  2. Are there times in life when it is helpful to embrace pain and discomfort instead of trying to explain it away or cover it up?
  3. In Lent, what kind of a discipline or practice might help us to enter into this in-between space of unresolved pain and suffering?

See you there.


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