Monday, May 4th

Hey Pub Theologians,

This week, we are back at the Tap House, at 5:30, upstairs. 

This week, we are listening in on Act One of the recent This American Life podcast, episode 555: ‘The Incredible Rarity of Changing Your Mind’ (published April 24th). 

Listen to it here: (FYI, it’s 18 minutes long, and totally worth the commitment).
In this first act of Episde 555, the producers take a good hard look at how people change their minds on major, divisive topics in life. The canvassers in the show use a fascinating approach to build human empathy, and use an unexpected model of interpersonal conversation to bring about changes of mind, and eventually, behavior. 

After listening, come ready to talk about listening, and how we as people deal with change while simultaneously holding onto certain parts of life (and faith) as unchangeable. 

Here are a few questions to get us thinking:

  1. Have you ever changed your position on something that you never thought you would? How did that come about?
  2. How do you feel when you know that someone is listening to you so intently that they really understand your point of view?
  3. What do you make of this conversation model that the interviewers use in the podcast?
  4. Why do you think that an appeal to “abstract moral reasoning” falls flat in terms of change? Why do you think that personal, emotional connections make such a profound difference? 
  5. Where is God in all of this?

See you there.


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