Monday, June 8th

Pub Theologians,

This week, we are diving deep into the concept and practice of radical empathy. This journey begins with a poem, continues with some thoughts from a poet, and leads us towards some hard questions.

Join the table at the Tap House, downtown Rochester, at 5:30. Before you come, please read, if you can, a few items:

First, A POEM FOR DZHOKHAR from Amanda Palmer, written after the Boston Marathon bombing in April 2013:

Then, read Amanda’s thoughts on the poem and the response two days after her initial publishing:

And finally, read Amanda’s thoughts on empathy that she wrote just last week, over two years from the time she first published A POEM FOR DZHOKHAR:

Pay close attention to her final thought at the end of her New Statesman post: 

Here’s the thing: I did not and cannot know exactly how that teenage bomber felt. But I will dare to imagine. I must. I believe we all must. I believe it is only through the flexing of that small, frail, imaginary muscle of empathy that we will build the strength to erect a new human architecture on this fragile, fragile planet – a stronger one, one of connectedness and understanding.

See you at the Tap House. 


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