Monday, August 3rd

Hello Pub Theologians,

This Monday, we are gathering at the Tap House, downtown, from 5:30-7. Find us upstairs, possibly on the patio of the weather is nice. The topic this time around comes from Benjamin Corey, an Anabaptist/Mennonite author, theologian, and church leader in Maine. His recent blog post, “I Am A Human Trafficking Survivor & Here’s What I Want To Ask Christian Activists”, highlights some of the ways we struggle to love and serve people whom we do not take the time to understand. 

The post contains an interview with Meg Munoz, who is a survivor of human trafficking.  I think it raises some good points about our tendency to rely on stereotypes and embody a narrative where we play the savior to “those other unfortunate people”.

It’s on the longer end of what we typically read for Pub Theology, but I think it’s absolutely worth it. 

Read it all ahead of time if at all possible, and I’ll plan to see you downtown on Monday. 

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