Monday, March 21st

Holy Week is upon us.

Since this is the week in which we remember some of our most cherished stories of transformation and new life, I’d like to open us to a broader interpretation of what God is up to in these movements.

For some context as to what Holy Week is about, and some common practices during this time, check out the Living Lutheran website:

Now, for this week’s discussion.

Cláudio Carvalhaes, a Brazilian preaching and worship professor at the (Presbyterian) McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago, has written a narrative reflection for Good Friday. Read it at least once, at least a day ahead of time, if possible. It can be found at Luther Seminary’s Working Preacher website:

When you have read it, spend a few minutes pondering with the Mafa collection of images (see below, a set of African illustrations of the Gospel), and what they might mean for our theology, that is, the way we think about God and humanity. In particular, pay close attention to these three images:

Come ready to share what truths have seeped through these rich narratives and images.

See you Monday at LTS Brewing Company, 5:30-7:00 p.m.


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