Interactive Advent Devotional

Pub Theologians, we are offering an interactive space each day of Advent for you to come, read Scripture, and reflect together on what you are reading, hearing, seeing, and experiencing.

Here are the guidelines:

Each day of Advent (beginning Sunday, November 27th),

  1. in your web browser, navigate to our main page,
  2. find today’s advent post (toward the top of the page, right under this post you’re currently reading)
  3. read the scripture provided
  4. click “leave a comment”
  5. leave a comment: share your thoughts on this particular scripture and respond to other people’s thoughts as you are able
  6. come back later to see what others have said
  7. plan to return tomorrow for another scripture reading and interactive responses

God’s peace be with you as we walk together through this season of waiting and preparation.



  1. All of these verses about God remembering and God hearing and answering remind me that this God we worship is very interactive with us, even though that is a very mysterious business. We are in relationship with this One; that is what is truly remarkable. Over time I have found that my time in prayer with God is a great treasure for it is an entirely safe place to be. I am known and loved – completely known and completely loved. There is no greater gift than having such a space as this.

  2. This is mysterious business, indeed! At text study this morning, someone reminded me of the implications of offering “thoughts and prayers” on behalf of others. Often it seems this is viewed as a pious way to duck out of responsibility to act justly for people, but, if we take seriously this idea that prayer actually does reveal the Divine in our lives, perhaps when we offer “thoughts and prayers”, the Divine begins to intertwine our lives with the lives of those for whom we are praying, and through this connection begins to address the needs for which we are praying. For me, this safe space of prayer often shifts toward brave space to be challenged to follow God’s call into deeper relationship both with God *and* neighbor.

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