Monday, April 24th

What’s up, Pub Theologians?!

We are back at it this week, gathering at LTS Brewing Co. from 5:30-7pm on Monday evening.

To prep for our discussion, head over to to read David Sinden’s recent blog post, “Did we overdo Holy Week and Easter?”. David is an Episcopalian organist who plays “mechanical action organs…in states that border Kentucky…since 2006”, and I think he brings some interesting questions for us as we reflect on what we’ve been through the last few (7? 8?) weeks.

Also, as you read his post, note that he uses the term “collect” (noun, ˈkä-lekt) which means “a short prayer comprising an invocation, petition, and conclusion; specifically, often capitalized; one preceding the eucharistic Epistle and varying with the day” (

Happy pondering.

See you at the pub.


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