Monday, August 14th (Music Monday)

Hello, beloved Pub Theologians,

Are you ready for Music Monday?! We are back at the public theologizing this week, so come and join the discussion at Life’s Too Short Brewing Co. in NW Rochester from 5:30-7pm. All are welcome.

This week’s topic comes to us via two interesting voices: the Gospel according to Saint Matthew’s Community of the First Century and Thom Yorke of 20th/21st Century British Radiohead fame.

So, in preparation for our discussion:

  1. Read through this week’s Gospel text, Matthew 14:22-33 (the story known as “Jesus Walking on the Sea”, although, I would posit, such a title only distracts from the point this story is making).
  2. Then, listen to and read the lyrics from Thom Yorke’s song “Atoms for Peace” from his 2006 debut album The Eraser.

See if you can see what’s emerging as these two sources interact, and we’ll plan to see you at the pub.


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