Monday, October 2nd

Pub Theologians,

We are at it again this week, talking theology, life, and faith. This week’s topic comes from Pastor Corey Fields of Calvary Baptist Church in Newark, Delaware, and his recent opinion piece, “Be Careful How Close You Let Jesus Get To Real Life” (

Join us at the 37th Street HyVee North Market Grille (500 37th Street NW in Rochester). To get to the Market Grille, enter the main front HyVee doors and take an immediate right. It’s towards the right corner behind the sliding glass doors. 

See you there, 5:30-7pm. 
PS — next week we will start our book series, so stay tuned! I’ll have more information about that when we gather this Monday. 



  1. I loved this. I think I am often afraid to dedicate all to anything.

    In any case, I would love you to come and visit Friendship Place some day. We are trying to do our part here in the Meadow Park Apartments neighborhood.

    I am here every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday helping kids with homework from 7:00-8:30 pm and of course the cute kids are here Mon-Fri 4:00-5:30 for fun, homework help and snack.

    Come visit us and join in the fun!

    Appreciatively yours,

    Greg Parker


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