Monday, September 9, 2019

Pub Theologians:

This week we’ll meet again at the Market Grille at Hy-Vee on West Circle Drive. We’re hopeful the rain will stay away and we can enjoy the patio.  If we aren’t so lucky the appetizers and drinks are still very enjoyable inside.

We are on the final week of our 3-week series  reflecting on “the wilderness” through essays by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  I am also offering a secondary related reading this week on optimism and adulthood. Theologically speaking, I think this will help open conversation on how hope may or may not be operative in our lives. 

You are invited to read either or both of the readings to prepare for our conversation.  Let’s be honest, you can attend having read neither and still thoroughly enjoy yourself!

Reading 1: “The Crack Up” by F Scott Fitzgerald   * We are reading Part III, scroll down until you see the title. 

Reading 2: Do We Become Less Optimistic in Adulthood?

See you at the pub! 5:30-7:30pm

Hy-Vee Market Grille
4221 W Circle Drive NW

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