Author: Paul Moody

Monday, March 19th

Pub Theologians!

We are gathering again this week for discussion around faith and life. If you’re able to, give this short blog post a read ahead of time: “Ye (Me?) of Lots of Beliefs but Little Faith…” (

We will be at HyVee North (37th Street) and will gather at 5:30, and will plan to launch into the evening’s topic around 6.

See you there.


Monday, March 12th

Hey Theologians!

We are back at it tonight (Monday) at HyVee North (37th streetfrom 5:30-7. We’ll plan to continue our discussion of God and nonviolence, and use last week’s topic of the exodus story as a framework for this.

If you’re able to do so, check out this section from “Seven Stories”: Also check out the references on the last page there including the glossary.

Thanks all. I look forward to seeing you there.

Monday, March 5th

Hey Theologians!

We are back at it again this Monday, at HyVee North (37th street) from 5:30-7. We’ll continue our discussion of God and nonviolence, and will be considering the exodus story as a framework.

If you’re able to do so, check out this section from “Seven Stories”: Also check out the references on the last page there including the glossary.

Thanks all. I look forward to seeing you there!

Monday, February 26th

Hey Theologians,

We are gathering again this week for Pub Theology and will continue to press into this season of Lent. The topic this time comes from a study that looks at the particularly nonviolent way of Christ, and seeks to give us some deeper understandings of what that part of his ministry meant (especially in light of his crucifixion).

So, if you’re able, please read the following excerpt of “Seven Stories: How to Study and Teach the Nonviolent Bible” (pp. 50-55):

(The book itself is available to preview/purchase on Amazon if you’d like [but is not required]:

We’ll meet at the 37th Street HyVee Market Cafe at 5:30, and should wrap up by 7.

See you there.

Monday, February 19th

Hello, all!

We are gathering again this Monday the 19th for another round of Pub Theology together. Come join the table at the HyVee North MarketCafé (37th St. NW) in Rochester. We’ll begin around 5:30 with socializing and catching up, and will head into a more structured conversation around 6. We should be done around 7.

If you are able to do so ahead of time, read Morgan Guyton’s blog post from last week, entitled “Sidewalk Ashes: An Invitation to Be Problematic For a Day” ( It unpacks for us some of the complexities of Ash Wednesday and our liturgical/religions observations, and may make for good discussion fodder.

As always, if you can’t read it, don’t worry about it, and come anyway! We often find plenty of interesting tangents to carry us through.

See you at the “Pub”.


Monday, February 12th

Pub Theologians,

Thanks again for your great discussion last week following “The Shape of Water.” I though it went really well and I appreciated your insights.

This week, we’ll be back at our usual spot at the 37th Street HyVee MarketCafe from 5:30-7pm. If you can, ahead of time, please read The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s February 1968 sermon “The Drum Major Instinct” ( See what themes develop for you there, and then head over to YouTube and listen to how parts of that sermon were used in a Ram Truck Super Bowl commercial: Something that may add to the complexity of this comparison is the “Ram Nation” service organization (

Thanks all.

See you at “the pub”!

Monday, February 5th

Hello Pub Theologians,

This week for our gathering, we are going to see The Shape of Water at Paragon Chateau theater (on 37th street at Broadway, by Shopko) at 4:30, and follow up with a discussion afterwards at Whistle Binkies North (beginning around 6:45 I think).

As you prepare for the film, be thinking of what it means to be “other”. Feel free to do some research about the film, and even familiarize yourself with some of the characters if you’re able to do so. According to the film’s Wikipedia page, director Guillermo del Toro said of this work,

“This movie is a healing movie for me. … For nine movies I rephrased the fears of my childhood, the dreams of my childhood, and this is the first time I speak as an adult, about something that worries me as an adult. I speak about trust, otherness, sex, love, where we’re going. These are not concerns that I had when I was nine or seven.”

I have ordered tickets for those of you who asked me to do so. There are still many seats available in the theater, so if you haven’t got a ticket yet and want to buy one when you arrive, that should work fine at this point.

I will be at the theater at 4:10 to pass out tickets, so you can get situated ahead of time as needed (popcorn, et cetera).

See you then!

Monday, January 29th

Hello, Pub Theologians!

Are you ready to get back into it this week?

I have an article that should get our conversation started. Check out “The Christians Making Atheists” from author and former megachurch pastor John Pavlovitz at It was published this past June, but I think it still is quite relevant and will get us talking.

We’ll plan to meet at HyVee North’s Market Cafe (is that still what it’s called?) from 5:30-7 on Monday. No reservations needed — come as you are. See you there!