Monday, January 8th

Hello, dear Pub Theologians!

I have missed our Mondays together these past weeks, but — good news! We are back at it tomorrow, January 8th, at HyVee North from 5:30-7. Come join us.

This week’s topic comes from J. Barrett Lee, a Michigander, former Presbyterian minister, and current Episcopal layperson, who wrote a provocative blog post back in 2012 called “A Growing Church is a Dying Church”. Give it a read-through at

Come ready to listen, share, and reflect.

See you there.


  1. Wow, thanks for reading and sharing! I’m humbled that I might make a contribution to such a group. Would that I could be a fly on the wall for the discussion! I wouldn’t mind a pint, either…
    Have a great conversation and thanks again!

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